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Sandrine Kom
Nutrition Coach, Yoga Teacher, SlowLife Coach

Sandrine Kom, our trusted collaborator, is a teacher of the Slowlife philosophy and an expert Nutritional Coach. Upon request, Sandrine can come to the property and dedicate up to 90 minutes to private Yoga, Slowlife or nutrition lessons. Her lessons are inspiring and have significantly improved the quality of life of all the Casavecchia guests who have tried these particular sessions.

I was lucky to grow up with the traditional ancient wisdom of my Russian and African grandparents. My father is from Cameroon and my mother from Moscow. I was born and grew up in Paris and then I had the opportunity to live and study in Berlin for over 12 years. In 2000 I moved to the historic and picturesque city of Florence where I have been living since.
I graduated from Berlin University in Communication Sciences and Economics and obtained my diploma as a Nutrition Coach at the Centre de Formation à Distance (CFD) in Brussels. I concluded my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at “Yoga Garden” in San Francisco (Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance International).
My professional life is very intense, which is why it’s very important for me to practice the “Slow Life” every day. I would be happy to share how you make it possible for yourself!
To explain what “coaching” is, I would summarize this term by saying that it is an activity addressed to those who feel the need to profoundly change something in their lives and to be accompanied for a short time on that journey towards lasting change.
– Sandrine

SlowLife Yoga

During the yoga sessions the body is the boss

During the SlowLife yoga session you will be accompanied in carrying out gentle exercises suited to your needs followed by relaxation meditation.

Our natural breath does all the work for us. Your body is the boss; it shows you the path you need to follow using your natural breath. This is the reason why SlowLife Yoga exists: it is not about acrobatic positions but has to do with kindness towards oneself. We live in a society where we don’t know how to be kind to ourselves and the first step is to listen to the messages sent by our bodies.

In winter the session will take place inside one of the properties while in summer it will take place outside in the gardens of Casavecchia or in the midst of its beautiful vineyards.

As a nutritional coach, Sandrine will be able to prepare for you a delicious gourmet buffet composed of vegetables and fruit from the organic garden. She will also show you some strategies for learning to eat less in quantity but with more pleasure. At the end of this SlowLife Coaching experience, you will feel refreshed, recharged and inspired! Book your private and personalized yoga class now.

Nutrition Coaching


As a Nutrition Coach, I believe how you eat is more important than what you eat. I often get requests from people who want to go on a diet and lose weight at lightning speed. For professional reasons I always decline. Going on a diet to lose weight quickly is like putting on a patch and then taking a shower: the patch doesn’t stick and neither does a quick-fix weight loss diet.

When we go slowly, when we listen to and respect our body’s messages, the changes we make are healthy and lasting. That’s why I find it more effective in my job to teach people to take their time when they are at the table. By learning to eat slowly, we inevitably eat less and better.

With this course I teach people to think about how full they are regardless of the amount of food on their plates so they can learn and understand what kind of nutrition they need at any given time.

Each Nutrition Coaching session is structured in two parts: it begins with a gentle meditation yoga session that induces deep relaxation. From this state of stillness begins the second part, where I guide you to understand your real needs so that food is no longer used as a comfort. Together we explore concrete and effective solutions to create greater balance and stability in your life.

Wedding & SlowLife Coaching

Coaching For future couples

Organizing a wedding takes a lot of energy, so it’s no surprise if the couple getting married gets to a point of exhaustion. It could therefore be useful before the big day to rejuvenate with a delicate yoga session and a SlowLife Coaching that will help the future spouses slow down and release the tension accumulated during the final weeks of wedding preparation.

During this regenerative experience, time will seem suspended. A special moment completely dedicated to the couple. Additionally, since marriage is an opportunity to bring people together who are dear to us, the SlowLife yoga & coaching session is also recommended for guests.
Many of them will travel long distances to share this important moment with the newlyweds so how about thanking your guests by organizing a delicate yoga session for them, suitable for all levels and ages?
This idea is also recommended for a bachelorette party.


By using gentle and meditative yoga, FiloCIBOsofia Slow Life can help improve our relationship with food and time

The main objective of Slow Life Philocibosophy is to learn how to progressively temper a hectic lifestyle, allowing us to regain awareness by listening to oneself and to others.

FiloCIBOsofia Slow Life uses food, an essential element of life, and the behaviors connected to it as a starting point for a slowdown in the pace of life.
My approach allows us to explore what is happening in our bodies with simple movements, whether lifting an arm or taking a bite of food. This is a lifestyle that allows us to slow down from the busy world when we are at the table. We can recover and remember our values, our patience, and listen to ourselves and others. This is a way of life in which we can recover ourselves and our awareness of the surrounding beauty. The society we live in does not always allow us to take our time but at the table we can! So, during our meals, let’s turn off the phones, the “to-do list” in our brains and really enjoy this moment of respite where we can recharge our batteries. This is finally our time.

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